Sunday, 6 February 2011

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Today I went to the West End to see the Chinese New Year celebrations. It's the year of the rabbit this year.

It was absolutely packed down there and i had all my camera equipment, plus my bike helmet! So it really wasn't easy to get around...
Here are a few of the photos I managed to get.
This guy is there every year. Such an amazing face...

The main street in China Town was full of people fighting to catch a glimpse of the Dragon puppet, who visits all the restaurants that tie food with a little red package outside their doors for him.
I managed to get ONE photo above all the crowds, and even that is only a little bit of his head!

Apparently, London's celebration of Chinese New Year is the biggest, outside of Asia!


  1. these pictures are really good
    espec the black and white one

    and its the rabbit huh?
    thanks i didnt know

    kl blog x

  2. excellent blog entry and pictures as always! What camera do you use? Dx

  3. Thank you! I use a Canon 400D, I'd love to upgrade to a faster one soon though!